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We know it can be scary, but we’re here to help you thrive. If you feel you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with a coach.

After signing-in you’ll receive 3 trial sessions for CrossFit Sessions. We also offer 1 trial session for our Vivid Kids & Vivid Teens classes. 

Contact us and our Coaches will organise a time that suits your availability. It may be a Personal Training Program, Small Group Sessions or Skype Personal Training Sessions depending on your goals. 

At Vivid we are passionate about recovery as a key element to your whole body wellness.

Our Massage Therapist at Vivid offers remedial massage, relaxation massage, traditional and modern cupping techniques, and pregnancy massage.  

We offer 30 minute Stretching and Mobility Sessions which are perfect to loosen those muscles that get so tight in your day to day activities. 

Vivid brings fitness to life. We are more than justr a gym – we are a collective of people striving to feel fitter, stronger, and more confident each day. We are people who want to thrive. 

Your program is selected based on what your goals are and your body needs. 

No. Getting you fit is our job.
Stop telling yourself you will get started next week because we both know unless you get started now you will be in the same position in 3, 6 and 12 months time.

We cater for all levels of fitness so forget about experience and get started now! 

Your health is an investment not an expense, although it will become an expense if you don’t invest in it…

Does it mean one less dinner out per week so you can give your body the best it deserves? Maybe… Will it be worth it? DEFINITELY! 

Anyone can afford us… it’s where it sits in your priorities.

how they have thrived:

“When I walk into Vivid I get to leave everything else at the door and just be me for 1 hour a day. It’s my place to be proud and also be humbled. I am challenged, stretched, and encouraged to do my best by my Coaches and the other people who are all in it together. What we do at Vivid improves my life everywhere else.”


“We’ve been training at Vivid for 3 months now and have both gotten fitter, we feel stronger but probably the biggest thing is we’ve gained flexibility. I’ve been able to do things now that I wasn’t able to before because I can move better. We have never had this much energy. I’ve worn a singlet to train and even to the shopping center, which is something I can’t ever remember doing. The Coaches are great and we love our afternoon Small Group Sessions.Vivid Movement is fantastic!”

greg & linda

“I’ve never been a morning person, but now I couldn’t imagine not coming to my 6:15am Small Group. We come and catch up with people we love and have fun. I am doing things I never though I could do, with the help of a little push every now and then. My head is so much clearer and I have heaps more energy. I’m eating better and my body has changed dramatically. I can see muscles I didn’t even know I had!


“Since starting at Vivid so much has changed, but here are my biggest 3 things: 

Body Confidence: I know how strong and capable I am whether it is inside the wall of Vivid or in a real life scenario. 

Friendships: I have met so many lifelong friends there. Not just from fellow athletes but with the Coaches and Staff. 

Positive Mindset: If I’m not mentally prepared, I will fail. I need to be ready 110% everyday to achieve at CrossFit and Weightlifting and to transfer that to a positive work day. 


“The Coaches help me with technique and having that family spirit with everyone there push me, trying to make me do my best, it all helps. 


“I’ve been training at Vivid Movement for 8 Months. Before I started I was not very physical at all. Since I’ve started I’m now able to do sit-ups, push-ups, I can go running, I’m walking more, I have more energy. It’s not scary to do anything anymore and I can do a box jump so i’m really impressed with that!”


“For as long as i can remember I had an unhealthy emotional based relationship with food. As a kid you have sport to counter it, then becoming a mother you no longer have that one thing to counteract your poor food choices. Hubby had been training at Vivid for a year or so. in my mind it wasn’t my thing. With thoughts running wild I walked through the Vivid door. Scared… but determined I was going to be healthier and a better influence for my kids. 

15 months of training behind me with amazingly knowledgeable, patient, supportive and encouraging Coaches at Vivid and as much as I’m not one to see results, I can’t deny feeling healthier, stronger and more determined than ever to keep going. Walking through the Vivid door was one of the hardest things… but everyday I go back is helping me to keep tracking in a positive direction.”


“The people you’re doing it with are just always tying to push. No matter which class you come in and have a go at you’re not competing with the other people in class but with yourself. It’s a massive thing at home now, and the young fella  loves being part of it and doing what we do at home, so hopefully when he’s old enough hopefully he’ll pick it up. there’s just that real social aspect to it. You come, you do your workout, you spend the next 15 minutes to 20, 30 sometimes even an hour just chatting and catching up – it’s great.


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